Grant Cashmore Lessons
Some of the girls have been attending the clinics with Grant Cashmore at Melton Park.
Courtney, Brittney & Janelle attended lessons with Grant Cashmore at Melton Park in 2007.

Grant showed the girls how to check all their gear properly - which included the fit and condition of their bits, bridles & martingales and also stirrup length which can change as leathers stretch. He recommends they do thie every time they ride, not just leaving it to Mum or gear checkers!

From there Grant worked on flat work and the girls riding position which included their hands, legs & body posture, learning when to relax, take up the reins and soften most of this was without stirrups and went on for nearly an hour!

Moving on to jumps where they practiced leg yeilding after the jump so the horses learnt to listen to where the rider wanted to go rather than where it thought it should go. They also continued to work on position over the jumps
A group photo to finish!